Implementation of Atlassian JIRA, Confluence

Installation of Atlassian JIRA, Confluence

We install Atlassian applications either on your own server or provide access to your dedicated instance located on our Atlassian managed hosting. If it is your server then we recommend its hardware and software configuration depending on the expected number of users and performace load.

We install all required software dependencies on your JIRA or Confluence server, configure automated backups and optionally create clone of the production instance for testing critical changes there before applying them to production JIRA or Confluence.

Finally we create user accounts, all required projects, configure mail notifications for JIRA tasks or Confluence pages updates and basic installation completed.

Custom configuration of Atlassian JIRA, Confluence

After installation of JIRA, Confluence is completed you can immediately login and start working with the default configuration which is fine for quick start but might not be enough in a long run. Hopefully both JIRA and Confluence have very flexible configuration settings.

Project workflows, issue types and custom fields almost always need to be additionally configured to match the existing processes and data structures. Together with you we could outline and implement your processes in JIRA, create optimal wiki structure in Confluence, integrate issues and linked documents and fully utilize rich JIRA and Confluence features and functionality.

Data import in Atlassian JIRA, Confluence

Very often transition to new tools causes problems with data import/exform from existing systems. Manual copying or semi-automated import could be time consuming and error prone. In order to properly address these issues JIRA and Confluence already have built-in data importing tools from other known issue tracking and wiki systems.

After configuring your JIRA or Confluence we help you to migrate all your existing data into new Atlassian environment. And even if there is no existing automation for that we can create it from scratch.

Integration of JIRA, Confluence with external systems

JIRA and Confluence can be smoothly integrated with other corporate systems, like CRMs, ERPs etc., and dynamically display, transform and exchange shared data. As part of Atlassian implementation we integrate JIRA and Confluence with all required systems.

Move JIRA, Confluence from OnDemand, change Atlassian hosting

We help to migrate your Atlassian OnDemand JIRA, Confluence to your own server or to our Atlassian managed hosting if OnDemand known limitations are no longer an option for you. During the migration we ensure all data are properly backed up and restored consistently. The migration process is well defined, planned and syncronized with you and Atlassian which ensures minimal outage of the systems for users of your Atlassian tools.

Let us help you to migrat your JIRA, Confluence from point A to point B.

Upgrade of Atlassian JIRA, Confluence

Atlassian regularly releases updates for all of their products, which includes bug fixes and new features. Therefore, we recommend to maintain your Atlassian JIRA, Confluence in good shape by upgrating them to the latest stable version. We can handle all the technical stuff related to upgrades as well as renew your Atlassian maintenance needed for that.

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