Atlassian licenses

While being Atlassian Experts partner we sell Atlassian licenses as an integral part of our Atlassian services. You can purchase licenses via us for any Atlassian products without commercial margins. Our price for Atlassian licenses is the same as on Atlassian web-site.

What you should know about licenses

With one Atlassian license for a particular product you may install and use one production instance of that product. All Atlassian licenses a lifetime, there is no mandatory annual renewals.

New licenses include one year maintenance from Atlassian, with customer support and product updates available for free. After one year you should renew your maintenance in order to be able to continue receive support and updates. Renewal cost is 50% of the original license cost per year.

Starter license costs only 10$ per 10 users for any Atlassian product. You will have fully functional product with all features available without any limitations even in the minimal license tier.

Once you reached the limit of the users in your current license you can easily upgrade to a larger tier and increase that number. License upgrade costs less then new license purchase.

License purchase and delivery

When you buy Atlassian license via us you will get access to your license the same day on “My Atlassian” web-site.¬†You can buy new Atlassian licenses, renew maintenance and upgrade your license. We accept different payment options.

Discounts for Atlassian services

Here are some reasons why you would consider buying Atlassian licenses via us:

  • Atlassian licenses at Atlassian price
  • Convenient payment options
  • Prompt access to your licenses