Agile Reports and Gadgets Plugin

Agile Reports and Gadgets for JIRA help you better visualize different aspects of your project iterations, versions, releases and milestones. Agile Reports is Atlassian JIRA plugin that works on top of another JIRA plugin – JIRA Agile which is the required dependency.

At the moment the plugin is available for hosted JIRA installations, but we aim to release it for JIRA OnDemand in the nearest future too.

Each report is supplemented with it JIRA dashboard gadget with almost the same functionality as the report itself (options, configurations, charts etc).

The goal of Agile Reports and Gadgets is to improve your Agile experience. It is made for Team Members, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Managers and Executives of all levels.

What reports are available in Agile Reports plugin?

Release Burnup

Release Burnup report shows total scope and completed scope on a sprint by sprint basis. It calculates min, average and max velocity of a selected Agile Board and provides forecast dates when the total scope can be completed for each type of the velocity. Please check Release Burnup documentation for more details.

Epics Burnup

Epics Burnup report works similar to Release Burnup. The difference is that total and completed scope are calculated based on epics estimation and work progress. You can choose one or more not done epics of a selected Agile Board and get the burnup with the same features as Release Burnup. Please, check Epics Burnup documentation for more details.

How to install Agile Reports plugin

You can install Agile Reports by manually downloading the latest version of the plugin from Agile Reports plugin page on Atlassian Marketplace or from “Find new add-ons” administration section. Agile Reports plugin works with JIRA version 6.0 and higher except 6.1.4 – 6.1.6 due to plugin REST communication bug in JIRA in those versions.

Agile Reports plugin depends on JIRA Agile plugin which should be installed and enabled. There are no known limitations on JIRA Agile version – the plugin works with any one.

Getting Started with Agile Reports

After installing Agile Reports and applying trial or commercial license you can immediately check new reports by “Get Started” link:

Installing Agile Reports Plugin

Reports are always available via “Agile Reports” link under JIRA main menu “Agile”:

Agile Reports main link

All reports are available in the left navigation menu.

Reports Navigation Menu

Check out reports documentation for more details:

Agile Reports Settings

Agile Reports plugin has very simple settings which is just enough for now. Only users with JIRA Administration permissions can change plugin settings which are global to all reports and gadgets.

Agile Reports Settings

Sprint Count – number of last closed sprints of Agile Board based on which scope deviation, min, average and max velocity is calculated to make forecast. Default value is 3 sprints.

With “sprint count” setting you can define the most appropriate and balanced velocity and scope change calculation basis. It is not recommended to use too small or too large values in order to get realistic and up-to-date forecasts. Too large value won’t give up-to-date forecast and too small value won’t give realistic one.

If Agile Board has less closed sprints history that defined in settings then a warning message is shown to notify a user about this fact:

Too few closed sprints warning

Plugin Support

Your feedback, suggestions and ideas on how to make the existing reports better or about new reports is very important for us. Feel free to share it with us via, contact form or our Support JIRA.

Also contact us if you have any issues or questions while evaluating or using Agile Reports.