About Release Burnup

Release Burnup report shows total scope and completed scope on a sprint by sprint basis. It calculates min, average and max velocity of a selected Agile Board and provides forecast dates when the total scope can be completed for each type of the velocity. All you need to do is to select Agile Board from the available boards. Because Kanban boards don’t have sprints they are not displayed.

Select Agile Board for Release Burnup

Supported Agile Boards

The latest version of Agile Reports supports Scrum boards with any Estimation Statistic board settings except Issue Count and Original Time Estimate. Those two options will be supported in the upcoming releases on the plugin. Unsupported boards are filtered and not available for selection.

Agile Board Estimation Statistic Settings

How to read Release Burnup?

After selecting the Agile Board Release Burnup report is automatically generated. It consists of a chart with interactive data points which show the details on mouse hover and textual description of all chart data.

Release Burnup Chart

Current scope

Current scope displays aggregated by sprints total scope changes – in our example scope grew from 0 to 23 during 3 sprints

Fixed scope

Fixed scope is the current total scope – target scope to complete assuming that there won’t be any scope changes in the future

Forecast scope

Forecast scope is the estimated future total scope which is calculated based on scope changes over the last N closed sprints (N is defined in settings, 3 – in our case) – scope deviation in % from current total scope. In our example:

  • current total scope is 23
  • scope change over the last 3 sprints is 23
  • scope deviation over the last 3 sprints is 100%
  • forecast scope is 46

Current burnup

Current burnup is the closed and active sprints based burnup. In our example there are 3 closed sprints with velocities 3, 4 and 6. Therefore current burnup is 3, 7 and 13 after each of the sprints respectively

Minimal burnup

Minimal burnup is the burnup with minimal velocity=3 over the last N closed sprints (N is defined in settings, 3 – in our case).
Velocity Chart

velocity chart with sprints velocity

Average burnup

Average burnup is the burnup with average velocity=4.3 over the last N closed sprints

Maximal burnup

Maximal burnup is the burnup with maximal velocity=6 over the last N closed sprints

Burnup Summary Widget

The most important information about the earliest and latest forecast completion dates is displayed in the Burnup Summary widget. Summary information about total and remaining scopes is part of this widget too.

Release Burnup Summary Widget

Burnup Details Widget

All aspects of the forecast completion dates are gathered in Burnup Details Widget. You can get the answer on forecast completion date for particular velocity and scope type. There are 6 possible dates and respective number of sprints are shown as a table.

Release Burnup Details Widget

What if velocity or scope would be different?

What you’ve done so far is just selected Agile Board and Release Burnup was automatically generated. Hopefully you are satisfied with automatically calculated velocity, scope changes and forecasted dates. But what if you would like to check how particular velocity or scope size would affect the completion dates? This is also possible with Release Burnup calculation parameters available for manual input:

Release Burnup Parameters

You can adjust average velocity, sprint length and scope deviation and see the adjusted forecast immediately. Automatically calculated parameters for the selected board are shown in the input fields legend for reference.

Remember we talked about Estimation Statistic board settings? It’s name displayed in the Average Velocity field legend, so you will always know the burnup calculation dimension: whether it is ‘Story Points’, ‘Business Value’ or custom field you’ve added.

Release Burnup Gadget

And yes, the full power of configuration, visualization and reporting of Release Burnup is available as JIRA dashboard gadget:

Release Burnup Gadget