Agile Velocity Chart Gadget

Highly informative visualization and tracking of progress, history and performance details for one or several teams

Velocity Chart Gadget enables you to discover and visualize the history and trends, progress and performance of Agile Teams with the key sprint metrics. You can refine sprint metrics to get results for the whole team, individual users, selected issue types and any other criteria of your choice using Issue filter


Discover all important sprint metrics

Actionable sprints statistics including initial and final commitment, added, removed, completed work, estimation changes and more. Absolute and average values. Story points and time estimates on bar and line charts.

Choose which metrics to display and in which order.

Full control over included sprints

Add sprints of a particular team in shared boards using simple regular expressions.

Active sprints can be displayed too.

Define how many sprints to include in gadget with option to set max limit globally in app settings.

Create reports in Excel using CSV data export

Export data in CSV and create custom reports in seconds.

Completion percentage is calculated in addition to other sprint metrics.


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