Subcomponents for Jira

Extra useful hierarchy and granularity extension for Jira Components, Versions and Packages

With just few clicks you can convert a plain list of Jira project Components into hierarchical tree of Components-Subcomponents to visualize Jira project structure and enable selection of Components from the hierarchy


Split and rule a project with Subcomponents

Convert project components into meaningful hierarchy.

Logically group components using folders (virtual components).

Add the same component into different parts of the hierarchy.

Find issues at any subcomponents level

Find issues for a selected component and all its children components.

Open subcomponents search results in Jira Issue Navigator.

Easily add/remove new/existing components/folders.

Update issue with Subcomponents Picker

Select components from hierarchy to update issue.

View description and lead fields in addition to component name.

Configure components auto-selection preferences.


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