Migration from Countersoft Gemini to Atlassian JIRA

Already using Gemini Issue Tracker and have all history of your projects in there, but want to migrate to Atlassian JIRA?

We can migrate your Gemini projects into JIRA so that you won’t loose any piece of information, including:

  • issues with complete issue change history
  • issue types
  • project workflows
  • project permissions
  • custom fields and screen configurations
  • issue comments
  • issue attachments
  • links between issues

Why migrate from Gemini to Atlassian JIRA?

  1. Business Teams will benefit from powerful workflows, flexible configurations
  2. Software Teams will enjoy Agile by using Scrum or Kanban boards
  3. IT Teams will service will work more efficiently with Queues; Customers will love Customer Portal and full email integration

How Gemini to JIRA migration works

There is no 100% automated migration tool or add-on available on the market. Different projects can have completely different configurations which complicates the whole automation. That’s why we perform migration on a per-project basis.

For each project we export data from Gemini into CSV format which then is imported into JIRA via CSV external systems importer.

Direct database access is required for export data from Gemini

Migration to JIRA Cloud or JIRA Server

We can migrate your Gemini data into any JIRA hosting type, either JIRA Cloud (hosted by Atlassian) or JIRA Server (hosted on your server)

Request a migration quote

Please let us know the following details about your Gemini setup to get a migration quote:

  • Migrate from Cloud or your server Gemini hosting type
  • Migrate to Cloud or your server JIRA hosting type
  • Number of projects to be migrated
  • Number of issues in each project (e.g. 10K issues)
  • Type of project in JIRA (e.g. Software, Core or Service Desk) for each project
  • Number of active Gemini users
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